Galapagos III, an Environmental Documentary Classic, to Screen at DC Environmental Film Festival

The French Embassy will present a screening of the 1972 film ‘Galapagos III’ by Christian Zuber as part of the 2017 DC Environmental Film Festival. Kino Productions, the rights holder of the Christian Zuber collection, and INA, its exclusive distributor, will be present at the screening. This year marks the 25th anniversary of DC Environmental Films Festival, the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in the United States.

Christian Zuber was one of the first environmental advocacy filmmaker who devoted his life to showing how nature and less-developed cultures were being destroyed by the onslaught of modern civilization. Zuber pioneered on land what Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau later did with the oceans.

Galapagos III by Christian Zuber will be shown on Friday, March 17, 2017  at La Maison Française – Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington DC from 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM EDT. Admission is free. An online registration is required for this screening.

Click here to see Ina's collection of Christian Zuber footage.

For more information about this topic at Ina please email at

NatureFootage Now Representing Alucia Productions

NatureFootage now exclusively represents the stock footage collection of Alucia Productions. As part of the Dalio Ocean Initiative, the mission of Alucia Productions is to create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the ocean.

The Alucia is a 56 meter research and exploration vessel built to broaden scientific understanding of the ocean and illuminate its myriad of natural wonders. She boasts the latest in technical diving, filming and research equipment.

From the exploration of deep sea hydrothermal vents to 4K aerial cinematography, Alucia Productions offers a vast collection of premium cinematography from across the globe. This exclusive collection has never been made available online until now, and will expand rapidly with new submissions from ongoing expeditions.

Framepool Highlights Oscar Winning Collections

Framepool is proud to highlight their Oscar winning collections Popular Science and other series from the early to mid 1900s. With 5 Academy Award nominations and 2 Oscar wins, the Theatrical Short Subject Series were produced from 1935 to 1950 and premiered as one of Paramount Pictures biggest theatrical feature films of the day.
More details about the wonderful collections:

POPULAR SCIENCE® historic film series:  A tour de force of Science & Discovery, Invention & Technology. Click here to see the Popular Science collection. 

UNUSUAL OCCUPATIONS: Astounding profiles of Amazing Individuals, Weird Workers and Crazy Collections. Click here to see the Unusual Occupations collection.

SPEAKING OF ANIMALS: A two-time Academy Award-winning Talking Animal Series created by Tex Avery. Click here to see the Speaking of Animals collection. 

Read more information on how Framepool came across this wonderful footage as well as more details about each collection on Framepool's blog

NBC News Archives Launches New Website with Innovative Video Player and Lower Pricing

NBC News Archives, the oldest television news collection in the United States, is launching a new distribution platform at

The NBCUniversal Archives platform provides customers with new functionalities and an enhanced user experience. With an extensive collection of compilation reels and a new video player, clients can clip out frame accurate selections for licensing.

Enhancements include the ability to view metadata and download screeners directly from the video player. “Related clips” is a new feature that displays other clips and compilation reels from the same source material or with the same keywords. Clients now also have the ability to share master orders with their editor who can download the content without having to register on the site. Customers, especially independent researchers, now have more control in their workflow and the ability to work with others more efficiently. 

In addition to the launch of their new website, NBC News Archives is introducing a new competitive pricing structure for e-commerce clips. NBC News Archives was the first news archives to set up a fully e-commerce enabled site years ago. 

With a dedicated sales and experienced research team, NBC News Archives has the ability to provide easy access to digitized content and digital delivery for their deep file content.  NBC News Archives provides unprecedented access to rare and unique content, documenting the changes in American society through The Today Show, Nightly News, MSNBC and its many programs going back to the late 1940s.

Search, license and download at

Aerial Stock Footage Specialist HOsiHO Joins

Preview clips and still images from aerial footage specialist HOsiHO are available for viewing through's stock footage search and screening platform. 

Launched in Marseille in February 2014 by professionals in audiovisual and piloting, HOsiHO is dedicated to shooting and representing the best aerial footage of France. The HOsiHO collection includes over 3,000 videos and stills shot by a pool of more than 40 professional contributors from across the country, capturing the outstanding natural and architectural sites of France, shot at every season, with creativity and innovation. 

"HOsiHO is an exciting new addition to the footage industry, and we are very pleased to have them on the platform," said David Seevers, CMO. "HOsiHO has done a remarkable job in assembling this niche collection of unique aerial images, and we're looking forward to helping them bring their images to our global community of footage users.”

While HOsiHO’s aerial images and videos are produced using a variety of aircraft that are fully empowered to operate in France, including drones, microlights, helicopters, aircraft, paramotors and hot air balloon, most of the footage is captured by drones, which opens nearly unlimited creative possibilities when used by experienced pilots, cameraman and photographers.

“We’ve spent the last several years curating our collection of aerial footage and stills, and expanding our network of world-class aerial shooters,” said Sami Sarkis, president of HOsiHO.  "This is a truly fresh take on the unique landscapes and landmarks of France, and we’re thrilled to partner with to bring these images to creatives around the world.”

Because the HOsiHO collection is at the very beginning, the agency is also offering a Shoot-on-Demand Service, providing clients in need of footage or photographs not currently in the HOsiHO collection an innovative model for obtaining custom images. 

“With our Shoot-On-Demand service, if the customer cannot find the image in our collection, they can ask us to use our network of professionals to shoot the video or photography for them,” said Sarkis. “The principle is simple: if we consider that the image is capable of generating multiple sales, and will be profitable, then we send the request to the author in nearest available place in France. If he wants to make the images, at his own cost, we provide them quickly to clients to secure and finalize the sale.”

HOsiHO’s website ( is currently available in both English and French. Their royalty-free pricing is based on the size of the clip: US$259.00 in 4K; US$165.00 in HD; US$61.00 in SD; US$19.00 in low-res (web). They also provide a free research service. works with a wide variety of stock footage companies to enhance their visibility across the global production community. HOsiHO clips will be available for screening through alongside motion content from other leading footage companies.

Sherman Grinberg Film Library Joins

Preview clips from the Sherman Grinberg Film Library, one of the world’s most revered and historically significant film archives, are available now for viewing through Located in Los Angeles, California, the Sherman Grinberg Film Library is among the world’s oldest and biggest privately held film archives with over 40 moving image libraries.  The archive has over 20 million feet of classic 35mm black and white film with content dating mostly from 1895 to 1957, when the television era began.  

"The addition of the Sherman Grinberg collection greatly enhances the scope and quality of our archival footage offering," said David Seevers, CMO. "Sherman Grinberg has done an amazing job restoring the film and digitizing it to 4K, and we're very excited to help them directly market to their end users, the global community of footage users.” 

The Sherman Grinberg collection includes the historic Paramount Newsreels, first called Eyes of the World (silent era) and later Eyes and Ears of the World (the “talkies”). The collection also includes the entire American Pathe’ newsreel library, which is America’s oldest footage collection (1895-1956), the Industry on Parade series, Allied Artist Scenic stock footage, and over 3,000 mid-century television and movie theater and television commercials.  Genres include celebrities, royalty, entertainment (including the Oscars), sports (including the Olympics, boxing, horseracing, baseball, college and pro football, golf, tennis, etc.), World Wars 1 and 2, politics, fashion, science and inventions, natural disasters, culture and daily life.

Sherman Grinberg has undertaken a major renovation of its archival collections, working to upgrade its metadata and digitize much of the collection to 4K on an ongoing basis.  Special orders from its analog holdings can be digitized in-house within 24 hours and delivered electronically. Through new technology Grinberg can also create incredible historic still photographs from the moving images.  

“We are making the famous Sherman Grinberg archive available to production professionals worldwide and instantaneously,” said Karen Clark, president of Sherman Grinberg.  She added, "We are thrilled to partner with to directly reach our customers. We are digitizing millions of feet of film, and adding it to daily, but if we haven’t yet digitized any particular film clip a customer might need, we can research, locate, digitize and deliver it customers within 24 hours.”  

Sherman Grinberg Chief Archivist Bill Brewington has been with the library for over 40 years and is available for consultation. works with a wide variety of stock footage companies to enhance their visibility across the global production community. Sherman Grinberg clips will be available for screening through alongside motion content from other leading footage companies.

Framepool at Fifteen


"As filmmakers, we always found it really frustrating that finding good footage was so hard. That was how we came up with the idea, back in 2001,” CEO Stephan Bleek recalls, “of making work easier for ourselves and our colleagues by setting up an Internet portal to bring people together – the people looking for absolutely excellent film material and the people who have precisely that to offer.” Framepool began work on a visionary database that would draw on the most modern digital technologies to make finding and licensing footage easier and more creative.

Today, 15 years later, Framepool is the largest footage agency in Europe. Its inspiring archive is packed with exciting current, historical and futuristic video and film footage. Simple or opulent, serious or humorous, scientific or creative – they have it all. The ability to license individual still images from every shot (one still per frame) is unique and valuable in the context of the increasing significance of cross-media projects.

“Often five to ten times more material is shot during the making of a film than is ultimately used in the final project. The leftover material is often of excellent quality, and we archive it in our database”, Stephan Bleek explains. Finding stock footage is easy, as shot lists organized by topic can be created for free in the Framepool webshop and a comprehensive research service is available. Customers can directly license the material they require online. Framepool’s customers are filmmakers in the fullest sense of the word: feature film producers, documentary makers, advertising agencies, TV broadcasters, producers of corporate image films, event promoters, and institutions like museums. Stephan Bleek remarks that Framepool stock footage was used "in the most recent James Bond film, for example” and that “our material can be found in television documentaries, award-winning advertising spots and everywhere video is used.”

In addition to 20 employees in Munich, the company also has teams in Paris, London, Zaragoza, New York and Los Angeles as well as distribution partners in all key world markets. The founders are, however, quick to emphasize that Framepool still has a close-knit small-company culture. In the words of Stephan Bleek: “We communicate directly and personally. We process all our material by hand – and our keywording is also performed by people, not by machines that cannot pick up on the emotions images convey. This allows us to offer qualitatively excellent footage that can be found through optimal keywording.” Professional documentalists working in six languages categorise images on the basis of the associations they evoke as well as by their content – and a seventh language will soon be added. The in-house Rights Clearance Department takes care of securing rights of use and third-party rights around the world and for all uses and purposes.

Stephan Bleek has a doctorate in history and curates a special category of historical videos that includes collections occupying a prominent place in film history: the videos of American cinematographer Shirley Clarke, German “Heimatfilms” from the 50s, and rare footage of Adolf Hitler’s personal life shot by Eva Braun. Framepool also has the largest available selection of Unesco World Heritage videos.

“We also have an excellent international network and connections to all the major archives. That means we can get hold of practically any material we don’t already have in our digital library”, Stephan Bleek adds.

“Exclusiveness, legal certainty, customer service, quality and fairness towards our customers and licensors are all top priorities for us at Framepool,” Stephan Bleek stresses. And of course the archive is still forging ahead with new plans even after 15 years: “We want to expand within our industry by also supplying photographs, for example shots taken on set during the making of films. Many of our film suppliers also have very exciting photo collections which we will soon be able to offer to our customers as an additional service.”

Bridgeman Collaborates with YouTube History Channel Epic History TV

A new collaboration between Bridgeman Footage, Bridgeman Images and Epic History TV has created an engaging micro documentary about the Russian Revolution. Epic History TV is the leading historical YouTube channel adept at crafting informative videos that are well received by all audiences. The use of images and footage from Bridgeman showcases how the archive positions itself to build quality content around specific historical anniversaries, such as the Russian Revolution. 

Bridgeman always looks to add depth to every topic in the archive through its connections with the thousands of Museums, Artists and Collections they have worked with for over 40 years. In combination with a tireless search to unearth historical and cultural content that compliments what is one of the world’s leading art archives, Bridgeman is the perfect partner for an innovative producer like Toby Groom, who created Epic History TV.

Click here to see the film.

GIW Adds New Military & High Adrenaline Collection

Global ImageWorks has added new HD military and action footage of Green Beret U.S. Army Special Forces which includes excellent weapons and basic training footage, helicopters, operational vehicles and much more. This collection adds cinematic military action to complement any fast paced production. 
In addition, see high intensity and adrenaline-pumping footage like hang gliding, paragliding, roller-coasters, and motorcycle racing. 
Also included are wonderful scenic shots from cities around the world including: Venice, London, Jerusalem, and many other wonderful world destinations. Experience destination footage that will add texture to your production.
All of this new footage is full HD progressive with 4K availability. The HD clips are specially priced at $129 each and ready for immediate download from the GIW transactional website and right into your edit!
To see the footage, please click here.

StormStock Launches New Website

Prairie Pictures’ collection of ultra high-end weather and climate footage, which is licensed through its StormStock brand, has a fresh look. The new web site has been streamlined, edited, and is better integrated than its predecessor.
“We want clients who visit the StormStock site to quickly find what they want, or at least be inspired and let us service their needs directly,” said StormStock founder and award-winning cinematographer Martin Lisius. “The new site will help us better reach that objective.”
StormStock is known for offering exclusive, premium footage shot on HD, Super 35mm and 4K with fast, personal customer service. “Our staff is comprised entirely of cinematographers and post-production people who work directly with producers, directors and researchers to help them get precisely what they need in an expeditious manner,” Lisius said.
The new StormStock web site is open 24/7 at
In addition to the new web site, Lisius has just complete a new short film titled “Wakinyan” which features some of his 4K storm footage from 2016. Click her to see the film.  

StormStock DP Martin Lisius Tracks and Films “Perfect Storm” in Nebraska

StormStock founder and cinematographer Martin Lisius intercepted a “mega-supercell” thunderstorm in Nebraska last week and filmed it on 4K and 6K video. The isolated storm tracked across the rural Nebraska Sand Hills region for several hours producing tornadoes, giant hail and continuous lightning.
A supercell is a thunderstorm with a persistent, rotating updraft. They are the rarest thunderstorm type in the world, and the most prolific producer of significant tornadoes and large hail. Even less common is the “mega-supercell” which is one that is large, long-lived, and is so powerful it produces its own area wind field.
“I’ve only seen a handful of mega-supercells in my 30 years of photographing storms,” said Lisius who does his own forecasting. “The Sand Hills storm was rotating hard and was almost fully on the ground at times. It was like a massive vacuum cleaner and a tennis ball size ice machine maker rolled into one. The cell became the perfect storm because it tracked southeast, almost 90 degrees to the right of the southwesterly steering winds aloft, directly into moist, southeast surface winds and a 4500 j/kg CAPE axis. In effect, it was a supercell with a turbocharger.”
A portion of the material will be available for licensing through StormStock, while some will be reserved for Lisius’ 4K documentary about supercells which is currently in production.

Reelin' in the Years Works to Preserve the David Frost Archive

by David Peck, President, Reelin' in the Years Productions

For almost two years, my company Reelin’ In The Years Productions, has been representing The Sir David Frost Archive, and in that time many unique items have been discovered in the vaults.  Because David Frost had produced many different programs for various companies around the globe, it has made it very difficult to locate master tapes and films.  From the moment we signed the agreement to be the exclusive rep for The Sir David Frost Archive, one of the monumental shows he produced that we very much wanted to represent was The David Frost Show, produced by Group W and David Frost.
The David Frost Show was a 90 minute syndicated program which aired daily from 1969 – 1972.  As co-producer, David Frost owned 50% of the rights, but Group W and its successor (now CBS/CTV)  had been handling all distribution rights, including clip sales. Through a series of negotiations between David Frost’s estate and CBS, all of the distribution rights to the show have been given back to the estate. This includes nearly 400 2 inch quad tapes and many film elements as well. On behalf of the Sir David Frost Estate, Reelin’ In The Years Productions is now the sole company that handles the rights to licensing this footage. Most of these tapes have been untouched since their initial broadcast. To date, roughly half of the 400 shows that survived have been transferred. (There were 750 episodes aired.)
The David Frost Show is an amazing time capsule of one of the most contentious and creative periods  of the 20th century. During the course of the show’s run from 1969 to 1972, David interviewed high profile guests such as Gloria Steinem, Cesar Chavez, Huey Newton, Vice President Sprio Agnew, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Mier, former Nazi Party Official Albert Speer, and a 20-year-old Prince Charles. There were many entertaining guests, comedians, singers, actors and sports figures such as Johnny Carson (in a rare 90 minute interview), Groucho Marx, 1936 gold medal Olympian Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Lucille Ball together with Carol Burnett, Norman Rockwell and playwright Tennessee Williams. Major music artists such as the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Barbra Streisand, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder and Carly Simon all made appearances as well. Many controversial and polarizing subjects were discussed and debated such as the Vietnam War, the Kent State shootings, Black Power, the women’s liberation movement, gun rights, drug legalization and the Apollo moon landing. Looking at all of the guests and issues discussed on this show makes this a very well-rounded program, accurately capturing the time period. 
For decades, the 2 Inch Quad tapes had been sitting untouched in an underground storage facility, but we now have the tapes in our care. Thankfully, we have David Crosthwait of DC Video (Located In Burbank, CA) doing all the transfers. It’s an incredible expense to transfer these if you want them done right, and many times David has to work miracles to get these tapes to play at all.  These David Frost Show 2 Inch Quad tapes are in terrible shape. They were originally preserved on used stock and Group W would store two 90-minute shows per tape at 7 ½ ips instead of the industry standard of 15ips. Oftentimes they would splice together varying lengths of used stock to fill out the reel and on some tapes you could have as many as three different brands of stock during the course of the two shows. Even with all of these obstacles the tapes look and sound great but that’s because of the laborious amount of work David has had to do to get them that way. In some cases, it has taken David 10 hours of work to properly transfer one 90 minute show. While this may not have been the most ideal way to preserve this important part of cultural and entertainment history just think of all the shows (such as the first 10 years of the Tonight Show) that were erased, and be thankful that someone at Group W had the foresight to try and save these treasures so that almost 50 years later they can be seen again. 
I look at what David Crosthwait and others like him are doing in the same way I see a professional who restores deteriorating paintings or artifacts found in a ship wreck. Simply, this is preserving history. It's a shame that there are so many film snobs out there who don't agree, thinking that only something shot on film warrants this type of expense and attention. Sadly, that attitude is why so much of this type of video tape archive rots in storage facilities.  The entertainment industry often looks at video tape as some type of sub form not worthy of the expense and attention it deserves.  So many times I read comments about film preservation being the only thing that matters, and while that is important, so is video tape. 
At the end of the day, it’s not what media it’s on but what’s on the media. I’m hoping as an industry we can get past elitist attitudes and try to preserve this material, regardless of the format it was shot on. This is our collective history, whether it’s a silent film from 1919 or an interview from The David Frost Show we just found and preserved with NASA director Clifford Charlesworth talking about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon just days before it happened. These are both equally important moments in our history and should be treated as such. 
Finally, to show you how incredible this archive is, we've cut a 13 minute trailer. 

ITN Signs Deal to License Twofour Group Footage

Impossible Engineering

Impossible Engineering

ITN Source has signed a deal to license clips footage from Twofour Group; a family of award-winning, globally recognised production companies, which includes Twofour, Boomerang, Mainstreet Pictures and BAFTA/Emmy winners Oxford Scientific Films.

Twofour delivers world class international TV programming, spanning drama, factual, comedy and entertainment, to broadcasters around the world. Twofour Rights is its in-house distribution arm, representing the Twofour Group’s extensive catalogue of global programming within the international marketplace. In this new partnership for clip sales, Twofour's library includes globally recognisable hits, such as TV's 'toughest reality show The Jump (Channel 4), all-star The Indian Dream Hotel aka The Real Marigold Hotel (BBC / UK), in-depth true crime series Born to Kill? (Global Distribution), and awe-inspiring achievements in Impossible Engineering. 

ITN Source Managing Director Andy Williams said: “We are delighted to add Twofour’s fantastic range of programming to our global catalogue – making clips from household hits such as Impossible Engineering and The Indian Dream Hotel / The Real Marigold Hotel available to our customers.”
Twofour's Head of Sales Anthony Appell said: "We are thrilled to be partnering up with ITN Source on Twofour Rights back catalogue of clip opportunities given their excellent reputation in the global market."

If you're interested in licensing Twofour clips please contact or call +44 (0)207 430 4480 to discuss your project and footage requirements.   

Enter the Legend of the Tour de France

Running from July 2nd to July 24th 2016, the 103th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,519 kilometres.

This new edition is the opportunity to relive the most memorable stages, the unforgettable breakaways and the moments of joy and suffering of this mythical cycling race from 1947 to the present day.

To get more info about this collection made by Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) and INA, please email at

Global ImageWorks Offers a Unique Portal Into Politics

Global ImageWorks' politics collection covers the everyday and the exceptional moments.
GIW has incomparable coverage of presidential candidate Barack Obama on the 2008 campaign trail. This incredible footage comes from the award winning film, By The People - The Election of Barack Obama.  GIW gives you unprecedented access to Obama attending rallies, makings speeches, and mixing with Edward Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, along with other celebrities and political supporters. This collection also includes footage of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and John McCain's campaigns.   
Engage with our 1992 election collection of Bill Clinton campaign footage featuring speeches, events, interviews, and some special footage of a young Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.
GIW's political collection covers a range of political issues. From the Civil Rights Movement and school segregation of the 1950s, the anti-war protests of the 1960s, the groundbreaking Dick Cavett political interviews from the 1970s to coverage of the 1980s Reagan Presidency. Footage of President Bush in the 1990s, an exclusive interview with Dick Cheney in his Haliburton years and the George W. Presidency , plus extensive footage from 9/11 and the Iraq Invasion in the 2000s.
Also available at GIW: establishing shots of flags waving, voting booths, state and federal government buildings, international political landmarks and events.

Science Photo Library, the leading source for science images and footage, joins

Preview clips from Science Photo Library (SPL) are now available for viewing through Science Photo Library (SPL) offers a compelling motion collection and features the best scientific footage from around the globe, covering all aspects of science, technology and the natural world. SPL provides creative professionals with striking specialist imagery and footage, unrivaled in quality, accuracy and depth of information.

“Science Photo Library is a great collection and adds a new depth to our platform in the area of science footage,” said David Seevers, CMO. “We’re very excited about the new partnership to further expose SPL’s world-class footage collection to the global production community.”  

“SPL is delighted to make our fascinating science footage available to the network of creative professionals. Our intriguing and difficult to source content is acquired from a global network of specialists contributors, including professional videographers and world renowned scientific institutions. We are thrilled to present this extraordinary collection through the platform”, says Simon Stone Science Photo Library’s Sales Director.

SPL works alongside leading science and medical experts who capture the exceptional and deliver science in any format. This extraordinary motion collection offers a wide range of high quality specialist video clips available in high definition with a significant collection of stunning ultra-high definition footage. 

For more information, please contact David Seevers, Chief Marketing Officer at, or Simon Stone, Science Photo Library Sales Director at

Historic Films Among Three Finalists for FOCAL's Footage Library of the Year Award

Congratulations and good luck to our friends (and long-time content partner) Historic Films for being one of the three finalists for FOCAL Internationals Library of the Year Award. Historic Films Archive is "a small but industrious stock footage archive located on the eastern end of Long Island New York." 

In business since 1991, Historic Films is one of the world's top collections of of musical performance and entertainment footage, spanning a century and containing over 50,000 individual performances from televisions most important networks and programs.

Huntely Film Archives and Kinolibrary are also finalists for the Library of the Year Award, and we wish them luck as well.

Set to take place on 26th May, 2016 at the Lancaster London Hotel, the FOCAL International Awards recognize producers, directors, researchers and other creative media professionals for excellence in the use and preservation of stock and archival footage across 16 production categories.

The Legendary Roland Garros is Back!

On May 16th, tennis takes center stage for the start of the legendary French Open. The perfect opportunity to share the best moments of the tournament from 1983 to 2015, through more than 3,800 hours of video content available on Ina MEDIAPRO. To get more info about this unique collection dedicated to the clay courts of Paris, please email INA at


Need Footage Fast?

Global ImageWorks offers two turnkey options - Royalty Free & Rights Ready.
Both Rights Ready & Royalty Free footage can be licensed online. These masters are ready for immediate download.      
Rights Ready - The licensing fees associated with Rights Ready footage are based on the grant of rights package. Just select your grant of rights from a simple drop down menu, complete the online transaction, and download your high resolution master.
Royalty Free - The licensing fees associated with Royalty Free footage are based on file size/resolution. A Royalty Free clip can be incorporated in your production (and any derivative thereof) and your new work can be exploited in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity.
Global ImageWorks also offers thousands of hours of Rights Managed and Premium footage. Their archive contains unique and carefully curated footage that you can use to tell your story and connect with your audience.
GIW encourages prospective licensees to use their free in-house research services to ensure no potential clip is overlooked. Global ImageWorks prides itself on a personal approach and excellent customer service.

StormStock Founder to Wrap on New Documentary about Storms

Filmmaker, and veteran storm chaser, Martin Lisius has announced that the sequel to his 1995 award-winning documentary “The Chasers of Tornado Alley” will be completed this year. Three years in the making, the doc (working title “TCOTA2”), will focus on the wonder of storms and the people who study them to improve public safety.
“It was twenty years ago that I began working on the original, and I felt it was time to produce a sequel to reflect on the changes we’ve seen in our discipline” Lisius said. “Both technology and the public’s perception of storm chasers have evolved significantly since the mid-1990’s. I want to reveal that despite the difference in how we handle data, the majority of the people behind it are the same; responsible and serious individuals dedicated to mitigating severe weather risks. If you told someone you’re a storm chaser in 2016, they would think you were a crazy, loud, reckless person. But, the reality is most storm chasers are not that way at all. And, many are making huge contributions to the community,” he said.
The new documentary is a production of Texas-based Prairie Pictures, and is being shot on DCI 4K. No specific distribution channel has been determined, but according to Lisius, a television, Internet or theatrical release are all options.