Thank you for your interest in joining, the world’s largest stock footage search and discovery site. Creative professionals use every day to find footage, screen clips and connect with our footage partners, which include many of the world's leading footage companies. As a member, you’ll give active customers another way to discover your footage and learn about your collection. Once they do, we’ll send them to your site to license your content and you’ll keep 100% of any sales revenue. 

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We’d love to talk with you about how we could work together to promote your footage collections and services to our community. If you have time for a quick conversation and/or an online demo, that would be a great next step. Please use the form below to email us or call at (415) 609-7642.

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The Search Engine is dedicated to connecting footage customers with footage providers. We make it easy for creative professionals to search the world's top archives from a single site, and for footage providers to present their content to active footage customers. With 4.5 million online screening clips and over ten million detailed text records, offers footage customers the tools they need to discover and obtain motion content quickly and easily. Now equipped with enhanced ecommerce tools, provides a seamless pathway from footage search to footage sale. 


Adding You Collection to the Platform

Adding your data and clips to the search platform is simple. To get started, partners typically send us their first batch of data as an export file, which we upload to our site. We provide instructions for exporting your data to our field structure. We then use dedicated links from each record to play the associated clip directly from our partners' sites, saving the work of uploading clips to our site directly.  Automated updates can then be set up to occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Zap Email is also home to the Zap Email, used every day by creative professionals to send footage requests instantly to over 50 top footage suppliers, providing our Zap partners with a steady stream of new sales opportunities.  As a Zap subscriber, you will receive Zap Emails directly to a designated email address on a daily basis, helping you reach new customers, start more projects and sell more footage. Directory exists to help production professionals find footage. But we also want to help creative people find each other. That’s why we launched the Creative Directories: to help all variety of visual communicators make connections. There are currently two main directories: one for archives and one for creative professionals. A basic listing in either is free. If you are not already listed in our directory, please sign up today.


We charge a yearly membership fee for inclusion in our database based on the size of your collection. Please contact us directly for a quote.

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For more information on our services, please download our Subscriber Intro Kit. You can also contact us by phone at (415) 609-7642 or email us here. Please let us know if you have any questions.