New INA Mediapro Site Provides Simplified User Experience

With new graphic design and ergonomics, and more intuitive navigation,  the new INA Mediapro website offers a simplified user experience to explore collections from INA and its partners more easily than before.

10 Editorial Paths Facilitate Content Exploration
Navigation is facilitated through INA's wide-ranging content collections thanks to 10 "themes" with links to more than 570 video and audio files: Art and Culture, the Economy, History, Media, Politics and Geopolitics, Science and the Environment, Society, Sports, Shows and Personalities.

INA MEDIAPRO, a Working Tool to Offer Made-to-Measure Solutions
A wide range of functions are available to expedite and refine footage searches. All the clips on offer can be time-coded, cut, shared, annotated, saved and downloaded. More than just an on-line database, INA MEDIAPRO is a dynamic working tool for professionals to assist them with all their audio-visual projects.

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