Bridgeman and Epic History TV Present a Timeline of US Presidents…Who Gets Your Vote?

Bridgeman Footage, Bridgeman Images and Epic History TV have teamed up once more to create a two part video on the history of the 43 Presidents of the United States, just in time for the upcoming election. Epic History TV is the leading historical YouTube channel adept at crafting informative videos that are well received by all audiences. The use of images and footage from Bridgeman showcases how the archive positions itself to build quality content around specific historical figures, such as each of the American Presidents.

Bridgeman always looks to add depth to every topic in the archive through its connections with the thousands of Museums, Artists and Collections they have worked with for over 40 years. In combination with a tireless search to unearth historical and cultural content that compliments what is one of the world’s leading art archives, Bridgeman is the perfect partner for an innovative producer like Toby Groom, who created Epic History TV.

Click to see Part 1 and Part 2.