ContentMint, a new Online Footage Library Specializing in Wildlife and Natural History Footage, is Now Up and Running

ContentMint, formerly Absolutely Wild Visuals, is an online premium footage library from Wildbear Entertainment, specializing in wildlife and natural history stock footage. The site is in active development and their database of footage is continuously growing. From stunning aerial footage of pronghorns bounding across the American Prairies; to ritualized combats between gila monsters; to graceful manta rays gliding through the ocean; ContentMint features diverse and visually sumptuous footage captured in 4k and HD from across the world.

Absolutely Wild Visuals was created by Bettina Dalton in 2000. Based in Australia, Absolutely Wild Visuals serviced a number of customers with footage both from Bettina’s own shows and with footage from expert cinematographers. When WildBear was formed in 2014, the Absolutely Wild Visuals library was rebranded and completely digitized to make it easily accessible and masters downloadable.

Currently featuring footage from more than fifty contributors, the ContentMint site will be updated in the next six months to include even more wildlife behavior footage in 4K and a new collection of historical reenactments. 

ContentMint caters to clients looking for one off clips, and to production companies looking to use ContentMint as a large contributor for their projects. Operating as a one-stop shop, clients are able to download low resolution files for offline editing; license; make payments; and download broadcast quality masters through the website.

If you are interested in having your footage represented by ContentMint, or for any sales enquiries, please contact