HOsiHO Stock Agency Creates its Drone Operator Network in France!

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Nearly four years after its creation, the HOsiHO aerial stock agency broaden its offering with HOsiHO Network, its own network of local drone operators in France.

Composed of experienced pilots, selected exclusively among the most active authors of the agency, and based at the four corners of France, they are able to respond to any request concerning drone shooting needs, from international customers looking for a french creative drone operator, reliable and close to the filming site.

All have been carefully selected for the high quality of their services.

What distinguishes the HOsiHO network from another network is the direct and free connection of a prospect with the local drone correspondent: no commission is perceived by the agency. Operators members fulfilling a membership entirely intended for the promotion of the network.

The coverage of metropolitan France is almost total and the unifying principles of HOsiHO network labeled operators are:

  • Every operator radiates on the five French departments bordering his headquarter, near the shooting sites
  • A perfect knowledge of the surroundings
  • Reduced travel expenses
  • A great reactivity and very helpful for scouting
  • Homogeneous rates
  • Adherence to the network charter
  • Aerial work in accordance with French civil aviation regulations
  • The most appropriate creative and technical response to customer request
  • Have a stock of aerial images distributed through HOsiHO.com collections.

Platform operating principle :

In order to find quickly the nearest drone operator in the desired French department where the shooting might take place, simply click on the interactive map of France, divided into 95 departments. The operator page will open, and one can read its presentation and watch some videos and photos. The contacts infos are here, so the customer can easily phone the local correspondent or send a quotation request via the form, which is always sent to the nearest operator.

There is therefore no competition between drone pilots. HOsiHO network has choosen to give the bonus to proximity, on the assumption that the knowledge of the suroundings is crucial while the travel expenses lighter. All members meet the same quality and professionalism standards.

HOsiHO Network will be attending several exhibitions and specialized festivals, with a first boot at the Cine-Drones in Bordeaux (Nov. 17-18/2017), then at the FIFTI forum in Marseille (Dec. 5-7/2017).