HOsiHO Aerial Stock Collections Available on Getty Images

HOsiHO is proud to have been chosen by Getty Images and to have its highly-curated aerial stock footage distributed at this unprecedented level.

"This new visibility for our fresh and mostly French collection should bring us not only more sales, but overall more new images submitted to our growing worldwide collections by more talented aerial cinematographers," said Sami Sarkis, HOsiHO’s general manager (and himself stock-shooter for decades).

"This agreement with Getty Images is a wonderful opportunity to bring HOsiHO’s best images under the eyes of the most active and diverse buyers and is experienced as a great reward by our contributor community who worked hard with us to build this original and unique collection," Sarkis added.

HOsiHO's aerial footage is mostly shot by drones (UAV) in 4K. Always legally. The agency represents the work of more than 150 professionnal photographers and cameramen based not only in France, but worldwide.