Framepool Celebrates Earth Day with Cheeky "Earth Porn" Video

Framepool, with help from ad agency McKinney, has produced the sexiest of natural landscape videos for Earth Day 2016 - featuring hard rocks, soaking wet water, lots of wood, and a '70s soundtrack by Beacon Street. 

"Earth Porn" ends the way you'd expect, with an eruption. But it also has a sexy message about conservation that ties into Framepool's business. All the footage comes from Framepool's collection, naturally. 

"This project is a perfect fit for us. Our archive of high-quality footage enables creative filmmakers to make their vision a reality without having to board a plane, rent a helicopter or hire a bus driver. We're committed to making low-emission projects possible and gorgeous. 'Earth Porn' proves both." 

"Earth porn has long been Earth lovers' term for topographic eye candy," added McKinney group creative director Stevie Archer. "On the one day of the year when the whole world is talking about loving the planet, it was logical to create an actual film that taps into that passion. We're enticing people with lust-worthy imagery, then reminding them that they can easily do something to help preserve it.