StormStock Founder to Wrap on New Documentary about Storms

Filmmaker, and veteran storm chaser, Martin Lisius has announced that the sequel to his 1995 award-winning documentary “The Chasers of Tornado Alley” will be completed this year. Three years in the making, the doc (working title “TCOTA2”), will focus on the wonder of storms and the people who study them to improve public safety.
“It was twenty years ago that I began working on the original, and I felt it was time to produce a sequel to reflect on the changes we’ve seen in our discipline” Lisius said. “Both technology and the public’s perception of storm chasers have evolved significantly since the mid-1990’s. I want to reveal that despite the difference in how we handle data, the majority of the people behind it are the same; responsible and serious individuals dedicated to mitigating severe weather risks. If you told someone you’re a storm chaser in 2016, they would think you were a crazy, loud, reckless person. But, the reality is most storm chasers are not that way at all. And, many are making huge contributions to the community,” he said.
The new documentary is a production of Texas-based Prairie Pictures, and is being shot on DCI 4K. No specific distribution channel has been determined, but according to Lisius, a television, Internet or theatrical release are all options.

StormStock Declares Itself "Not Microstock"

StormStock is a collection of premium weather footage that was founded in 1993 by Prairie Pictures, a Texas-based video production company. It was created by cinematographer Martin Lisius as a means to license footage he shot.

“StormStock was never meant to be a stock footage company, and certainly not microstock,” Lisius said. “It’s simply a collection and brand maintained by artists, by production people who truly understand photography, post-production and formats. There’s a big difference between us and microstock. StormStock is run by real, live people in Texas, not by servers and software. We can tell you which end of a camera to attach a lens, and we curate with the same human eyes that produce the content,” Lisius said.

To emphasize that point, the team has established an alternate web address. In addition to the usual, folks can now use to access an on-line sampling of StormStock’s legendary content.