WGBH Launches New Re-Designed Stock Footage Website

WGBH Stock Sales announces the launch of its newly updated and redesigned stock footage and licensing website: www.wgbhstocksales.org.  The new site allows the researcher to search and find footage clips, browse selected digitized interviews, discover online educational content and even search the entire catalog of WGBH programs. 

WGBH produces more programming for the PBS system than any other PBS station with an archive that dates back to 1955.  Series such as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and Antiques Roadshow comprise some of the footage collection, with an emphasis on science, current affairs and history.   One of the unique holdings of the archive are the numerous interviews which have been shot over the years for the many public television series WGBH produced.  These interviews range from world leaders (Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright) to policy makers, notable personalities (Steve Jobs), academics, scientists, historians, artists, musicians and experts in all fields spanning the time period from the 1950’s to 2015.   One of the treasures
of the archive is Eleanor Roosevelt hosting her own public affairs talk show in the 1950’s.  (She interviews JFK, among others!) 

In addition to new HD clips, the redesigned site includes twelve curated collections for the visitor to browse and explore.  Surprises include the WGBH Music collection (early soul and rock and roll), the Sports Collection (WGBH was the first television station to broadcast tennis), and more.  There is a Julia Child collection and a collection of WGBH mini-series, and of course a Boston Collection.  The site provides links to the WGBH collection in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and to the WGBH Archives sister site “Open Vault,” where a number of the digitized interviews can be screened.

“We hope that the redesigned and reorganized site will help viewers find WGBH content in all the various places it lives”, says Alison Smith, who heads up WGBH Stock Sales.  
The site also highlights and provides links to educational on-line materials on WGBH’s websites such as timelines, interactives and short videos which may also be licensed. 

WGBH’s goal with the redesigned website is to guide the viewer to find the wealth and variety of content available, particularly since only a small portion of the collection is clipped and digitized.  The sites online clip collection offers a simple pricing system of $180 for SD clips and $250 for HD clips.    Watermarked clips can be downloaded to the viewers desktop.   WGBH hopes to add e-commerce to the site in the near future. 

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