Science Photo Library, the leading source for science images and footage, joins

Preview clips from Science Photo Library (SPL) are now available for viewing through Science Photo Library (SPL) offers a compelling motion collection and features the best scientific footage from around the globe, covering all aspects of science, technology and the natural world. SPL provides creative professionals with striking specialist imagery and footage, unrivaled in quality, accuracy and depth of information.

“Science Photo Library is a great collection and adds a new depth to our platform in the area of science footage,” said David Seevers, CMO. “We’re very excited about the new partnership to further expose SPL’s world-class footage collection to the global production community.”  

“SPL is delighted to make our fascinating science footage available to the network of creative professionals. Our intriguing and difficult to source content is acquired from a global network of specialists contributors, including professional videographers and world renowned scientific institutions. We are thrilled to present this extraordinary collection through the platform”, says Simon Stone Science Photo Library’s Sales Director.

SPL works alongside leading science and medical experts who capture the exceptional and deliver science in any format. This extraordinary motion collection offers a wide range of high quality specialist video clips available in high definition with a significant collection of stunning ultra-high definition footage. 

For more information, please contact David Seevers, Chief Marketing Officer at, or Simon Stone, Science Photo Library Sales Director at