Global ImageWorks Offers a Unique Portal Into Politics

Global ImageWorks' politics collection covers the everyday and the exceptional moments.
GIW has incomparable coverage of presidential candidate Barack Obama on the 2008 campaign trail. This incredible footage comes from the award winning film, By The People - The Election of Barack Obama.  GIW gives you unprecedented access to Obama attending rallies, makings speeches, and mixing with Edward Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, along with other celebrities and political supporters. This collection also includes footage of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and John McCain's campaigns.   
Engage with our 1992 election collection of Bill Clinton campaign footage featuring speeches, events, interviews, and some special footage of a young Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.
GIW's political collection covers a range of political issues. From the Civil Rights Movement and school segregation of the 1950s, the anti-war protests of the 1960s, the groundbreaking Dick Cavett political interviews from the 1970s to coverage of the 1980s Reagan Presidency. Footage of President Bush in the 1990s, an exclusive interview with Dick Cheney in his Haliburton years and the George W. Presidency , plus extensive footage from 9/11 and the Iraq Invasion in the 2000s.
Also available at GIW: establishing shots of flags waving, voting booths, state and federal government buildings, international political landmarks and events.