FootageBank: Going the Distance

As a boutique footage agency, FootageBank has always been proud of its “small but mighty” status. Building on this legacy, FootageBank is proud to announce that it recently signed Lagardère Sports – a premier international sports licensing agency – for representation, and can now offer more fully-released elite sports footage to pack productions with dynamic action.

FootageBank founder Paula Lumbard explains, “Both footage licensors and footage suppliers come to us because we carefully manage the rights to the clips we offer. It is only with integrity, respect, and understanding of rights-management that these relationships can be successful. At FootageBank, we specialize in such partnerships.”

From the grit of the goal to the heat of the hit, this fully-released footage collection includes soccer, tennis, hockey, gymnastics, distance running, basketball, and more. Requiring no more than script page approval, finding the right sports clips for productions is easier than ever. Contact FootageBank for search assistance or sample the footage here