7 Good Reasons to Zap Your Next Footage Request

If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline and expedite your footage research process, here are seven good reasons to give our Zap email a try.  

1. It’s easy (and you’re busy).
Footage research can be complicated and time-consuming, and chances are you have a lot of other work on your plate.  With one Zap email you will instantly reach our full list of stock footage partners, where expert researchers at each company will review your request and get in touch with you directly if they have footage that meets your needs. Just go to Footage.net, click on the Zap button on our homepage, fill out the (very brief) request form, hit send and you’re done. 

2. You want to cast a wide net. 
When you send a Zap email, your footage request goes out instantly to a large and diverse group of leading footage providers, so it’s a very efficient communication channel.  As Paula Lumbard of FootageBank puts it, “if I’m not able to help a client with a request, I often refer them to the Zap email at Footage.net as I know that their request will go out to all major libraries.  I tell my clients that if anyone on Footage.net’s list of Zap partners has the clip they will hear from them right away. Zap is the go-to resource for a fast and thorough search for footage of all kinds, categories, and genres.”

3. You don't know where to begin your search.
Zap Emails go to footage companies you might not think to contact, and our Zap partners enjoy fielding the wide variety of requests our users make. As Stephen Parr at Oddball Films puts it, “since Oddball Films has such a diverse collection, we love the random nature of fielding Zap requests. Our ‘cinematic think tank’ approach provides not just the clips clients are searching for but a spectacle of previews they never thought of asking for.”

4. You want enthusiastic help from footage experts.
Sending a Zap Email will get your footage request in front of footage experts who are ready, willing and able to help you locate the right content.  As Ed Whitley at Bridgeman Images puts it, "without doubt, Footage.net's Zap requests have been our most successful means of getting our new footage offering in front of today's footage users."

5. You like knowing your options.
By sending out a Zap email you will get a very good sense of who has what. Maybe the footage you want is available at multiple companies, and knowing this could be very beneficial for comparison-shopping. Once you know which companies have the footage you need, you can begin working directly with the provider of your choice. 

6. You’ve hit a wall.
Some research jobs are next to impossible. Maybe the shot you need is obscure or highly specific. If you’ve hit the footage research wall, sending out a Zap can be a good way to break through. 

7. Footage research is not your thing. 
We love searching for footage ourselves. But maybe you don’t share this passion and that’s perfectly all right. Not everyone likes doing footage research and if that’s the case for you, just think of the Zap email as your personal footage researcher.

If you'd like to check our our Zap page, please click here. And email us at info@footage.net if you have any questions.