Register Now at Skyworks and Save $100 on Your Next Order

Experts in Aerial Filming, Skyworks Ltd, have just launched a completely new website, where their top-end aerial footage can be searched, purchased and fulfilled completely online. In a special partnership with, Skyworks is offering a $100 credit to customers before September 10th. To get this credit, all you have to do is register on the site at and then go to before September 10th. The credit will be added to your account and you can use it whenever you wish.

Using Solr search and Skyworks' unique spatial search technology, offers an unrivaled experience for finding and obtaining the footage you need fast.

Skyworks have also transformed their pricing model - licenses are all 'Skyworks Royalty Free' in perpetuity, making administration for program-makers much simpler. Gone is pricing by territory and usage in favor of a simple price-per-clip model. The number of online clips has also doubled to over 120,000 and is growing all the time.

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