Global ImageWorks Celebrates the Life of Elvis Presley

"Imagine one kid from Tupelo, Mississippi gets on television and because of a performance, shakes the soul of a society"
- John Seigenthaler
August 2017 marks 40 years since Elvis left the building. Elvis's every move and utterance turned rambunctious teenagers into screaming fanatics- much to the dismay of their parents. Global ImageWorks affords a rare glimpse at the Tupelo man behind the American mega-star.
In '56, Elvis releases Heartbreak Hotel and it sells a million copies. Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker knew from the beginning that Elvis was capable of more than just record sales. There are no hips on the radio, after all. In the span of just a few months, Elvis was a movie star with a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures. And to think that just three years earlier, Elvis and his parents had been living in public housing, in a town where people knew him as the boy whose clothes didn't fit.
Global ImageWorks represents two collections that contain unique film and still photos tracking Elvis' meteoric rise in 1956 and beyond. These unprecedented and comprehensive collections have several gems including interviews with friends, early performances (complete with the requisite hordes of screaming teens), and the only footage of Elvis wearing his famous gold suit.
They are still adding to their Elvis holdings with never-before-seen photos, including behind-the-scenes images of the filming of Love Me Tender, and his rehearsal for his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
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