WPA Film Library Now Represents NET Journal Archives from WNET

The WPA Film Library now represents clip licensing rights to NET JOURNAL programming from WNET, New York’s flagship public broadcasting station.
NET JOURNAL, first broadcast between 1966 and 1970, features incredible source footage of the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, the Nixon administration, New York’s Spanish Harlem, life on Native American reservations, and much more from this revolutionary time in American and world history.

"NET Journal is tremendously fascinating and historically significant," said Diane Paradiso, Director of Licensing and Sales, WPA Film Library. "We are delighted to play our part in making this unique collection accessible to our clients.”

“WNET is very pleased to expand our footage licensing partnership with the WPA Film Library, which has represented our Soul! collection for more than 16 years," said Joe Basile, Director of Rights & Clearances, WNET. "Like Soul!, NET Journal is another historically noteworthy series that hasn’t been seen on television for decades and whose archival treasures are not well known by documentary filmmakers, let alone the general public.  We are confident that WPA is the right partner to reintroduce this rare and valuable content to footage buyers the world over.”

The WPA Film Library has been supplying high-quality stock footage for over 30 years. Covering world history, pop culture, politics, celebrities, landmarks, and much more since the dawn of motion pictures, WPA has met and exceeded the needs and demands of the advertising, motion picture, and television industries. Highlights of our collection include the WETA’s extensive coverage of important political events; exclusive rock, soul, and classic country music performances.