Historic Films Acquires Rare 1907 35mm Nitrate Film of NYC


While pre-1910 film of New York City does exist, much of it is derived from the re-photographing of “paper prints,” long-ago deposited at the Library Of Congress for copyright purposes.

Sadly, these archived films do not have the rich clarity of the original (and now largely lost) 35mm nitrate films they represent. After 112 years Historic Films has unearthed a gem in the form of an unseen and immaculate 35mm nitrate print, filmed on the streets of New York City in 1907.

Historic Films CEO Joe Lauro states: "We are delighted to offer researchers access to this previously unseen footage from the Gilded Age in Manhattan. The reel includes some of the earliest moving images I have ever seen of MACY’S Department store on 5th Avenue and the only footage I have ever seen of the legendary Reisenweber’s Cafe, where historically, in 1917 the Jazz Age began."

This impeccable print is perhaps the last surviving asset of a long forgotten motion picture company by the name of Spitz & Orth. The reel, which runs five minutes, was purchased from them in 1932 by one Meyer David Strong and comes to Historic Films from his great grandson Henry Strong.

The footage exists in 4K and is now available for licensing. Call or visit our website at historicfilms.com.