Global ImageWorks Exclusively Represents Outstanding Music and Entertainment Films and TV Shows Including Austin City Limits, The Dick Cavett Show and the Films of Robert Mugge

Austin City Limits

Spanning from 1974 to last week, the Austin City Limits’ catalogue contains over 8,800 unique performances and represents a huge variety of musical styles. From Willie Nelson to Leonard Cohen and the Foo Fighters, they can all be found on Austin City Limits. 

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The Dick Cavett Show

Some of the most influential politicians, celebrities, musicians, and authors appeared on The Dick Cavett Show. Running from 1968 until 1996, the popular and often controversial program, is considered the cornerstone of the talk show format. 

If you're seeking appearances of anyone of importance from the 1960s-1990s, be sure to check our database. There's a damn good chance they were on The Dick Cavett Show!

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Films of Robert Mugge

Over 30 films deep, the Films of Robert Mugge include documentaries about blues, bluegrass, reggae, zydeco and Hawaiian music and films centered on; Al Green, Ruben Blades, Sonny Rollins, Robert Johnson, and Gil Scott-Heron. Unlike many music documentaries, Mugge frequently allows the whole song to play out so the music can speak for itself.

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